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Oh BB, why can’t I be as perfect as you?


Oh BB, why can’t I be as perfect as you?

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😍 (Taken with Instagram at Gardens by the Bay)


😍 (Taken with Instagram at Gardens by the Bay)

Story of the day

Three visits to Job Warehouse and I’ve fallen in love with it.

One day my teacher told me that she visited this fabric shop in Bourke street, their fabric is amazing but some of them got moulds. I never really pay attention to that part of Bourke street before until I found a Salvos store nearby.

According to some reviews, if you just want to look around, you’ll get kicked out. And don’t take your time too long, you’ll get kicked out as well. Some says that their fabrics are so-so, while some says they’re just gorgeous. Another says that they charge you too much for the poor quality, but there are also others saying they’re really cheap.

My first visit was during their last week, which I now totally regret. The store was dimly lit, and the smell of old stuffs was really heavy. It totally looks like a warehouse. The service was okay, but some guy came in and asked if it’s okay to have a look around and the old man, Nathan, told him to come back on Saturday (their last day is on Friday). I ended up buying three kinds of fabric, one reversible, one knit and one wool gabardine. It costs me $90. And the old man, Nathan turns out really nice!!!

On my second visit, I bought some sequin fabrics which are totallyyyyyyyyyyy gorgeous. They look so vintage and unique - not like any other sequins you’ll see nowadays!!! 

On my last visit, which is today, the store was packed with people and the owner, David’s daughters were there, handing out champagne to everyone. There are cakes and finger foods. Some fabrics which I had my eye on on previous visits were gone and there’s a long queue of people waiting for the staff to cut up their fabrics. Some bought massive amounts of fabrics, some even buy the whole roll, some lady bought fabrics until it costs her $400 something. Someone says that this was just like 20 years ago. And the staffs are just lovely!!!! I bought 5 kinds of fabrics, around 15 metres in total for only $100! - well the old man, Nathan gave me some discount. Told ya he’s really nice. 

I feel weird upon leaving Job Warehouse. I wanna go in again but what for? It’s weird knowing something that you really like, might even be your favourite, but in one week it’s gone.

It’s such a shame that I just get the chance to know about it. The store had survived for 60 years and it was really sad that one of Melbourne’s oldest store had to close its door. Job Warehouse is a store that you can tell about to your kids or even other people. Its just fascinating, unique and honest.

I heard that David will lease out the store, which hopefully will turn out to be a restaurant like Pellegrini’s (never really been there but had heard some reviews and would totally love to try it!) that’s hearty or maybe something thats is… pretty much Melbourne but less consumerism???? Anyhow, whatever it turned out to be, I’ll still visit the ex-Job Warehouse building and enjoy the place. 

Strangers, strangers, more strangers and how they turned my day

It’s been ages since I last posted something on tumblr. I feel sooo bad!!!

So i’ve moved to Melbourne, Australia and currently studying fashion design, which is quite stressful but I can’t help falling for it!!! Got some job (working there since last year), befriended various people and opening my mind to even more different ideas. I would love to go more on that but I would like to emphasize on what had happened today.

The day started just like any other day of this week. Feeling so dizzy, grumpy, sleepy and cold. Ditching my first class of the day since I wasn’t feeling really good. Coming to school, feeling a bit like hangover because of the lack of sleep in the past few days.

I arrived to the CBD still feeling like a cranky lady. But I heard some live music in Bourke Street which totally boost up my mood (They’re called Our Symphonic Life btw. They’re awesome! Check ‘em out!) and was chatting to the CD sales lady about clothing, op shop, sustainability issues and also recycling. It was totally awesome coz it’s real good to exchange some ideas and not to forget, I love to talk!

Also, when I was watching them, there were some people holding the free hug sign. And of course, I hug them!!! I should say that for me, a hug is a huge mood booster. It’s really calming and unpretentious. I love giving hugs and I love being hugged, so it just works real well for me. So yea, that totally made my day.

Another thing that happened is that my kindergarten best friend was having her graduation. And I am very happy for her!!! On my way to Monash Clayton, I was a bit lost, wondering where the nearest bus stop was. I asked an elderly man and he replied, “oh come on love, i’ll show you the way!”. On our way, we talked. A lot. So he was asking me if there was something happening in Monash Clayton and I replied that my bestie is graduating. Apparently he liked to go to Monash as well to watch some concert and he used to play violin. We chat about his brother, the traffic, etc. I just befriended an elderly man.

I do know some of ‘em, though not really well. However, they’re all pretty much strangers. It’s a really rare thing to happen in Jakarta. And I’m glad I live here right now, where you can chat with some stranger, hug some stranger, etc, all with no bad intention.

I can’t be more thankful for today. When I thought that today will be just like any other day, boy, was i wrong! I am so glad today happened. It helped me to open my eyes in a different way, retrieve that real smile that I couldn’t put for days, and cry in a grateful way. I can’t say that today is the best day ever, coz I believe there will be more days that are even better than this. Life’s good. Real good.

May had been quite a rough month for me. My good friend left for another travelling (she’ll come back though), brokenhearted and crying my ass off for quite a while, dealing with bitchy people, catching up with schoolwork. I had no motivation for May. But now I do! This is a real good way of welcoming June.

I dedicate this post to all the strangers mentioned above [though I doubt if they’ll ever read it, they’re strangers after all ;) ]. What they did might be some small things, but it’s a big thing for me that had turned my life upside down. Thank you so so much guys! Lots of bisous!!!


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christian,bcn airport april 2010


christian,bcn airport april 2010

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Everything happens for a reason

But the reason given is plainly ridiculous

Some things change by the season

And we all believe it’s just harmless

                                         A man believes that he’s been treated unfair

                                         That he wasn’t given a goodnight kiss

                                         That he pays for an overpriced airfare

                                          It is no one’s fault but his

She believes that she should wait

For a train that brings her out from the dim

But you can never fight fate

Even if you’ve consumed the story of the brother’s Grimm  

                                            A shortcut might not be the best way

                                            As there’s always a curling road ahead

                                            With the help of some of your swordplay

                                             At least you won’t be caught dead

After a long hiatus,

I finally try to write a piece (not that i’m good at it…)

When I first wrote this, I didn’t know what topic will it covered

or what will the next paragraph be

and neither did I know the meaning - at least not till the end.

This is just a wordplay

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